1st annual iKONic Con!!!

This summer June 27th through July 1st will be our first ever iKONic Con!!!

The 1st annual IKONic Con is an exciting celebration of all things related to pop culture, gaming, comics, anime, and more! Attendees can meet favorite artists and creators and explore the latest merchandise, IKONic Con promises an immersive experience for fans of every interest. Get ready to geek out and connect with fellow enthusiasts at this epic event!

New Events Page!!

Explore the dynamic world of iKONic Gaming through our meticulously curated Event Page. Dive into a plethora of thrilling tournaments, electrifying esports showdowns, engaging community events, and much more. Whether you’re a competitive gamer seeking glory or a casual player looking for some fun, our diverse lineup of events offers something for everyone. Stay up-to-date with the latest schedules, registration details, and highlights right here. Join us as we unite gamers from across the globe in an epic celebration of skill, camaraderie, and passion for gaming!!

Check out our Events page!!

New Live Page!!!

We have added in a new LIVE page into our website. From here you are able to watch any of our streamers live instead of having to go to their streaming website like twitch our tik tok. The benefit of this is that if we have multiple streamers live you can watch them all at the same time from 1 single page!!!

When no one is live you can still browse their page and look at clips and old videos.

Check out our LIVE PAGE!!!

Watch bowtie friday 7am PST

🎩 Bowtie Friday is back! Let’s add a touch of class to the end of our week by embracing the timeless elegance of the bowtie. Whether it’s a classic black tie or a bold, colorful statement piece, let’s all join in and celebrate individuality with a twist of style. Let’s turn heads and spark conversations, all while exuding confidence and creativity. Cheers to ending the week on a high note! This Friday 5-3-24 @ 7:00 PST

#BowtieFriday #WorkplaceStyle #CasualElegance 🎀