iKONic has taken over the Merch Mall

That’s right!! We have finally decided it was time to take over our Merch Mall. We have purchased the equipment and have found a few supply warehouses to keep our merchandise available at anytime. By doing things we are now going to be able to bring the best customer service and products available in the gaming world! Come take a look and see what the buzz is all about!


New Look, New Website!

One of the things we focus on here at iKONic gaming is to always better ourselves and others around us. We felt that the old look was worn very well but sometimes as time moves on you have to change with it. Well iKONic Gaming did just that!!! We updated our logos and our website!!! Come check it out!!

What Does it all Mean?

Being iKON Strong means many things but mainly that we are stronger as a whole than we are as an individual; Putting personal ego aside to support and boost other members. The goal of being iKON Strong is having inner strength. We all need a support system. That’s the core of being iKONic!!